Presentation Kairos Planet Technologies Marketing plan (english)

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KairosMail - secure email service Encryption: each message is transferred in an encrypted form over a secure and reliable network. Absolute confidentiality: double authentication and distributed storage of keys from the encrypted container. 100% anonymity: the service does not allow anyone to log personal information or monitor your activity. User-friendliness: users with any level of computer knowledge can install and use it easily. KairosSurf - secure Internet access Secure Internet surfing: we use the technology of anonymous exchange of information, messages are encrypted multiple times and sent through several network nodes. Anonymous network for data transfer: Your computer is connected to the Internet indirectly, through a chain of several randomly chosen PCs that are part of our global cluster. Minimizing the risk of traffic analysis: the number of intermediate routers is selected randomly. The first node in the chain does not know the real recipient, and the last node does not know the real sender since data packets are transferred across multiple servers. Replacing traditional VPNs: unlike in a VPN, the exact amount and timing of connection sessions are concealed from the intruder. KairosDisc - secure cloud storage of data Protection: we use the technology of distributed networks; the information is stored in a secure file system; all files are encrypted and distributed into fragments. Versatility and accessibility: storing files in any format; access from any PC or mobile device regardless of the location; the possibility of publication or provision of access in a private mode. Version control: any accidentally deleted files can be recovered since the system stores all versions and changes on the server. Synchronization: files are successfully synchronized, the latest version of the required document is always available.